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The road is your destination. Whether you're waiting for inspiration on a new tune, needing to get ready for the big stage, or just wanting to satiate your six-stringed habit, having a guitar handy to noodle on is something you can't do without. Lugging your guitar around is not the answer. Imagine a world where a guitar worthy of your hands was sitting available at your hotel when you arrive.

Welcome to My Hotel Rocks, where we connect guitarists with the hotels willing to accommodate our breed. Here's your hub to find out who is carrying guitars. Know a hotel that doesn't rock? It's not a law yet, but it should be.
If you could take 2 seconds and have that hotel equipped the next time you go there, would you do it?

Rock-ommend their name and we'll let them know.

Hotel Map

The Guitars

Ovation Celebrity guitars provide high quality sound, exceptional action and are extremely durable. With built-in tuners and a pick-up to plug in, these guitars are easy to tune, versatile and fun to play.
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  • CC-24 Ovation Guitar
  • Soft-sided gig bag
  • Two extra sets of strings
  • A dozen guitar picks
  • $30 discount
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